Segregated Funds

At FxtPremium, customers funds will be kept separate from Company funds. One of the reasons behind this is to have a distinct line between the two funds, so as to prevent any of them being used wrongly. Additionally, this ensures that your money as a customer will be easily separable from that of the company, in case something happens with the company.

Hence any FxtPremium customer has a segregated account, where money is securely kept.

All FxtPremium funds are in the United Kingdom, at Barclays headquarters. We at FxtPremium will always choose to work with the best companies in the world. The reputation of this bank is unquestionable. It ranks among the 5 best EU banks and has over 300 years of experience. It has 200 branches in 50 countries, generates exceptional revenue (25.2 billion) and works with almost 50 million clients across the world.

As explained above, two funds will be kept. FXTPREMIUM does not use clients’ funds in any of its operations, for any external investment. Your money is safe with us.

Investor Compensation Fund:

The Investor Compensation Fund (ICF) was established under the Investment Firms Law 2002 (and resp, amendments) (hereinafter called “IFL”) and the Establishment and Operation of an Investor Compensation Fund for customers of ICFs Regulations of 2004 (hereinafter called “ICFR”) which were issued under the IFL.

ICF was created to secure claims of clients (covered by the fund) against ICF members. It will pay these clients compensation if the company is not in the position to do so due to an unfavourable financial situation, which is unlikely to improve soon.

The ICF covers ICF Retail Clients, with the exception of eligible counterparties and professional clients.

Covered Clients of an ICF’s member company are eligible for compensation without regard to how many accounts they keep, or to the type of currency and place of investment service offering.

With our policy you can trust that, at FxtPremium your trades will be handled securely, transparently and with a highest level of integrity.

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