FxtPremium Money Manager

Forex Money Manager


Why you may need FxtPremium’s Money Manager

Are you devoted to your clients’ satisfaction? Do you want to make your life simpler in the meantime? You can manage the trading accounts of your customers, as well as customize them to their needs, all using one product – FxtPremium’s Money Manager.

Money Manager is a great asset!

With FxtPremium Money Manager you will enjoy flexibility, excellent conditions and simplicity all at once. You can flexibly allocate, while at the same time tailor the trading conditions. You can enjoy market driving pricing, and also use the tool to calculate your commissions in an automatic way. This is why Money Manager is a one-stop solution to your and your customer’s satisfaction.

Customizable trading?

You can fully customize your trading conditions – that is – all conditions in your MAM/PAMM trading accounts. You will also be able to access highly competitive margins, which can help your customers and, in result – you. You can also choose a no-mark-up account with focus on profit and fees within MAM/PAMM. With the addition of leverage options, account currency and margin cals, MoneyManager can be fully tailored to your desires.

Automatic commission calculation?

Yes. Commissions will come directly to a real account, in real time. The same goes for performance fees. Take care that for this, you need limited power of attorney for a regular interval. However, the option is easily accessible in our application.

Effect of fund addition/withdrawal on trading

You can withdraw funds without influencing the account activity. However, it still remains valid that trade activity may be affected. There are rare occasions when drawdown during open trade is a problem, and our assistants will help you and your customers in such case. We will make the best effort to come up with a decision that will benefit all.

What is the product range?

You can access all our trading products through the application. At the same time, the platform can be fully tailored to your needs and expectations – you are fully in charge of your earned commission. You can also increase transparency and improve product access, while still keeping important elements of your strategy confidential. You can keep your customers happy due to the easy access and simplicity in withdrawal and in deposition. Both your clients and you will also have the opportunity to use excellent analysis tools.

Maybe FxtPremium Money Manager sounds too good to be true.  Yet it exists! If you’re interested in starting your commodity trading adventure now, click here for full access!

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